Example copy

The price is 37 Euro, inclusive shipping throughout Europe

For people who are in the U.S., better buy these cards here:


We can’t provide the same price of shipments outside of Europe, but the above seller can!

There are two payment options.


Make sure that you include your name, adres+country and e-mail adres with the payment

(in a message to the seller).

Payment with a banktransfer on the bankaccount of the seller (B. Meuris)

  • Iban: BE62 0016 6795 0261
  • bic code: GEBABEBB .
  •  Meuris Björn

Don’t forget your name, adres and e-mail!!!

Payment with PayPal 37 Euro

PayPal account name= Kaartlegger1977@hotmail.com

Don’t forget your name, adres and e-mail!!!

Go to Paypal to make the payment here!


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