“B. Meuris Lenormand cards”



For your delight, from Björn Meuris’ private collection is the Geûens-Willaert Lenormand published c. 1903.

Example copy

The publisher of this deck, Geûens-Willaert, was originally the House of Daveluy, printer of the royal court of Belgium and highly regarded for its special printing techniques. The Daveluy Lenormand was the first Belgian Lenormand deck published, circa 1850, and upon the death of its founder the publishing house was acquired by Geûens-Willaert which subsequently produced its own version of the Daveluy Lenormand.

In this later version of the Daveluy cards the images were re-drawn and very closely resemble the original version but there are several small details that distinguish this one the original Daveluy deck.

B.Meuris Lenormand

B.Meuris Lenormand

Daveluy Lenormand

Daveluy Lenormand

Most notably, in this deck you will find that not only are the verses in Dutch rather than French, the Ship flies 3 Belgian flags from its masts, the Letter shows the new publisher’s name, and the signpost on the Roads card the points to Bruges and Ghent.

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The elegant court inserts are Daveluy’s playing cards published in the mid-1800s.

bridge-card bridge-card bridge-card

This deck is poker size and is printed on linen card stock and they come in a clear plastic box. Card size: 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″


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